Call for papers

DEADLINE: 07-Aug-2022

Call for PapersFor the conference on Natural Resource Governance and Inequalities

IDEAs is providing support for a Ford Foundation (West Africa) funded conference on Natural Resource Governance and Inequalities to be held in Ghana in mid-August 2022 to be convened by  Ghana’s National Development Planning Commission and ISODEC  among others.

In aided of this conference, IDEAS calls for authors for the following papers:

  • Are extractive economies inherently unequal and destined to be so?
    The author will establish the conceptual and/empirical linkages between resource dependence and economic inequalities and suggest policy measures for more equitable development.
  • Gender justice and extractivism: What is the feminist critique of resource extraction
    The author will review the feminist literature on extractivism and lay-out not only the critique but also proposals for gender equitable resource economie
  • In the context of both rapidly rising fossil-fuel prices and rapidly increasing risks of catastrophic climate change, how can equitable energy access and transitioning to green energy be achieved in the global south?
    The author will review the energy transition literature as pertaining to fossil fuel producing developing countries and highlight policy measures for transitioning to green energies without sacrificing energy access by the poor.

Each paper attracts an honorarium of USD5000 which will be paid upon receipt of first draft, to be delivered no later than the 7th of August. Some flexibility in relation to deadline can be negotiated.

Paper length will not exceed 40 pages inclusive of bibliography, tables and graphs.

Interested authors should contact [email protected], copying [email protected] .